Enclosed by the serene waters and the magnificent panorama, Langkawi, the island in Malaysia, is just an apt destination for your holiday. Adding more fun and spicing up your vacation, nightlife in Langkawi is something that is not to be missed. From the beach parties to the cozy cafes, the bars, restaurants, night markets and so more, Langkawi is an entirely different place after the sunsets. So, if you are not bound to spend your night at your hotel and planning to step out for some fun, check out these best places for experiencing real nightlife.

Top 10 Places To Discover The Fun Of Malaysia Nightlife in Langkawi

Malaysia is one of the top listed holiday destinations for all, and by adding some nightlife fun to it, you can make it the most exciting vacay ever. Spicing up your holidays with some food, music, and grooves, here are the top places where you can mix up with the happening vibes.

1. Yellow Café

Yellow Café

From being an all-day dining café to an exclusive nightclub offering you the fun, Yellow café is an interesting place to hang out with your friends. As the sun sets, the café transforms itself into a place where there is music, food, and your favorite booze to give you an extra punch. The Cocktail Bar and Beach Front Lounge are extravagating spots in the Yellow Café that are drawing tourists with their unpretentious beauty.

The large comforting sofa seating, the beach view, the plush beanbags, and hammocks are some of the highlights to define the settings and the interiors. Standing out from the crowd, the café has added some extra activities in the daily menu that includes sunset drinks, a book to read, and a lot more to make it your best nightlife in Langkawi.

The cool and casual ambiance of Yellow cafes is one of its specialties to make you feel more relaxed and while you delve into the beauty of sunset by the beach.

Location: Pantai Cenang, PO Box 121, 07000 Langkawi

Opening  Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00am to 01:00am

2. The Sunset Deck

The Sunset Deck
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The Sunset Deck is set within the best resort and villas in Langkawi, the Bon Ton Resort. With open-air seating and an intimate surrounding that is adorned by coconut plants, the date palm, and every other exotic flora, this night club in Langkawi is an up-class place to indulge in luxury and style.

What has made the place an ideal “hangout spot” for everyone is its delighting menu. Plan a dinner date with your family or friends and discover the most tempting taste listed in their special menu. Enjoy the meal while witnessing the panoramic beauty of the region during sunset.

It is the sophisticated environment and the ravishing ambiance of the Sun Set Deck that is adding to its popularity. Tourist who loves to get pampered with all luxury and class often visit the place for an amazing experience of Langkawi nightlife. But make sure you keep a check on the bill because this place is quite expensive as compared to other nightlife spots.

Location: Bon Ton Resort, Pantai Cenang

Opening Hours: 05:00pm to 02:00 am

3. D’Reef The Cliff Restaurant

D’Reef The Cliff Restaurant
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Within a distance of 20 min from the Langkawi International airport in Malaysia, D’Reef is another spot to enjoy Malaysia Nightlife Langkawi. This open-air restaurant features a comfy and sophisticated ambiance where you can relax and enjoy the beach view. Nestled on the top of a cliff, the restaurant and bar overlook the Andaman Sea, offering you a serene landscape while sipping your best cocktail.

The interior boasts fancy furniture, chic decor, lightings, and a full bar with seating is available for the guest right in the middle of the restaurant. You can get a complete platter of your favorite snacks and the signature drink of the evening while celebrating the night with your folks.

The menu includes some house wines, beers, mocktails, juices, soft drinks and so more to make it a perfect place for all.

Location: 63 & 40, Jalan Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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4. Langkawi Night Market

Langkawi Night Market

Who said Langkawi nightlife only means some nightclubs and bars? The night markets are among the best attractions in Langkawi where you can enjoy the beauty of vibrant streets, the local food and so more.

Offering you the zest of every local and traditional food, these night markets are loved by every visitor. You will find tourists drooling over the smell of freshly prepared Malay food while the locals keep themself busy trying out each of their favorite cuisines. You can shop the local art and craft, get some souvenirs like perfumes or handmade soaps, etc. The night markets are cheap and support a lot of local vendors living on this island. Some of the best night markets to enjoy your vacation are Ulu Melaka Market, Kuah Night Market, Kuah Night Market, Padang Matsirat Night Market Air Hangat Night Market.

These are weekly markets that are hosted at different places so, you can ask any local or your travel agent about the timings and other details before visiting.

Openings Hours: Depends on the Market timing

5. La Sal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

La Sal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
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Enjoying nightlife is one of the best things to do in Langkawi with your gang where you can dive into the most delighting taste of every traditional and international food. Listed among the best nightclubs in Langkawi, La Sal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is a hub for travelers where they can enjoy the evening admiring the sunset and the relaxing environment.

The menu includes Mediterranean dishes, local fruit salad, juices, and more than 100 types of wine collections. Do not miss out on the signature drink, tom yam martini, which is made by blending lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, chili with ginger-infused and coriander-infused vodka.

If you are on a romantic vacation or honeymoon, this is the right place where you can spend and celebrate the evening, making it more memorable with the best nightlife experience in Langkawi. While the interiors are designed with an Asian touch, there is an upper deck, beach dining area, patio, and a pool bar outside the cafe.

Location: Casa del Mar, Pantai Cenang

Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 am to 11:30 pm

6. Tropical Beach Bar

Tropical Beach Bar

While Pantai Tengah Beach is known to be among the best beaches in Langkawi, the tropical beach bar is a hub for those who love clubbing, music, and dance. The beach bar is one of those places where you can relax and unwind in the tranquil beauty of the coast.

When it comes to experience the fun of Malaysia Nightlife in Langkawi, the beach bar features ever indulging activities and events that will keep you engaged for the evening. The seating area with multicolored bean bangs, wooden furnishing, and lightings. There are barbecue nights hosted with a special menu every day of the week.

There are fire shows, musical events, and band shows hosted for the visitors. The Tropical beach bar is mostly crowded by the locals and tourists adding some more energy to the beach vibes. You can easily get the best drink at an affordable price at the Tropical Beach Bar to enjoy the Langkawi Nightlife.

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 12:00 am

Location: Jalan Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

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7. The St. Regis Bar

Tropical Beach Bar
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As St Regis offers the best villa in Malaysia for a luxury stay, the St. Regis Bar is the right place to celebrate your evening. Hosting happy hours for the guest, the bar offers a luxuriating and lavish ambiance with the best price on your food and drinks.

A vast collection of house wine, exotic cocktails, signature drinks, and complimenting snacks are the highlight of the bar apart from its service and facilities. Try the best bloody merry that is made by blending the best ingredients like lemongrass, exotic fruits, lime juice, and more. The Champagne Sabering is another drink that you must not miss from the menu.

The interiors are designed with a unique touch of art, using the Banyan tree bark, trunk, and leaves. The spacious seating and the fully equipped bar make it one of the best places for some fun nightlife in Langkawi.

Location: The St. Regis Langkawi, Jalan Pantai Beringin, Langkawi

Opening Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am

8. Cba at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort

Cba at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort
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With more than 99 islands in Langkawi, there are many beaches resort that offers luxury with entertainment. The Cba at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort is a newly transformed beachfront beach bar where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

The resort is located in the northern Pantai Cenang that is not just a perfect getaway for a luxury stay but with Cba, it is also an ideal place to spend the leisure evening. From the beachfront, you can witness the magnificent beauty of the sunset.

The menu here offers every international and traditional food to enjoy with your cocktail. Not just a place for experiencing Malaysia Nightlife in Langkawi, the Cba at Pelangi Beach Resort also caters to family and beach dining. The seven Asian fusion dishes are the specialty of Cba at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort.

Location: Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Pantai Cenang

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 am to 01:00 am

9. Kalut Beach Bar & Café Langkawi

Kalut Beach Bar & Café Langkawi

Beaches are the major attractions in Malaysia and when it comes to spending an evening admiring the beauty of the sunset, no other place is as good as the Kalut Beach Bar & Café. Langkawi Nightlife in Kalut Beach Bar is a unique experience as the entire beach has some vibrant beanbags to sit and relax.

Located in the Mali-Mali Beach Resort, Kalut, the beach is mostly flooded with tourist where they unwind in the beauty of the beach. The affordable food and drinks, the musical vibes, and the exclusive menu are enough to make your evening a memorable experience of a lifetime. Try the local cuisines and the western food like the sandwich, chicken wings. The drink menu has some of the finest wines and cocktails you can enjoy, relaxing by the shores.

Location: Mali-Mali Beach Resort Langkawi, Pantai Cenang

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

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10. Rhu Bar at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Rhu Bar at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi
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If you are overwhelmed by a luxury stay then the four-season resort brings you more to enhance your everyday experience. The Rhu Bar is one of the best nightclubs in Langkawi that not just has some expensive and imported wine collection but every entertainment you are looking for making your evening special.

From the top-class service and facilities to the live music, DJ, and dancing beats, Rhu Bar at Four season resort is an ideally styled sophisticated place for a nightlife experience. There are exquisite furnishing and cozy intimate lighting that has made it the best place to hang out.

Location: Four Seasons Resort, Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

Opening Hours: 03:00 pm to 12:00 am

A vacation with some fun nightlight in Langkawi is indeed an experience that you can never miss. Housing the most magnificent beaches on the island, Langkawi is a destination where you can enjoy the nightlife, party with your friends, and get some clubbing experience. While Langkawi may not be as famous for its nightlife as other Malaysian destinations, but you can easily find the best spots to add more spice to your holiday mood. There are beach bars and cafes, luxury resort and lounges in Langkawi will make your trip, an unforgettable vacation.


Q1. What are the best things I can do in Malaysia?

The best thing to do in Malaysia are:

  • Nightlife
  • Beach tour
  • Island Hopping
  • Shopping
  • Water Adventures

Q2. Are there any beach bars in Langkawi?

Yes, Langkawi has many beach bars to enjoy the sunset like:

  • Tropical Beach Bar
  • Kalut Beach Bar & Café
  • Yellow Café
  • D’Reef The Cliff Restaurant

Q3. What are the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Langkawi?

  • Yellow Café
  • Kalut Beach Bar & Café
  • D’Reef The Cliff Restaurant
  • St. Regis Bar
  • La Sal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Q4. Are there any night markets in Langkawi?

Langkawi host a number of might market for the visitors where they can eat and shop. If you are planning on visiting the night market, the best places are:

  • Ulu Melaka Market
  • Kuah Night Market
  • Padang Matsirat Night Market
  • Air Hangat Night Market

Q5. Are there any resorts where there is a bar and lounge for a nightlife experience?

Many luxury hotels and resorts in Langkawi have restaurant-bar to the guest to enjoy the evening. The top recommended resorts are:

  • Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort
  • Mali-Mali Beach Resort
  • St. Regis Langkawi
  • Bon Ton Resort

Q6. Can I get happy hour deals at Langkawi lounge?

Many bars in Langkawi offer happy hour deals for a specific time limit. You can plan your visit during the designated hours for making it an affordable celebration with your friends.

Q7. What are the best cafes in Pantai, Langkawi?

If you are looking for the best cafes in Pantai Langkawi, you can visit:

  • Yellow Café
  • D’Reef the Cliff Restaurant
  • Kalut Beach Bar & Café

Q8. What can I do for the Nightlife experience in Langkawi?

For a nightlife experience, you can visit the night markets, spend the evening at a beach bar or enjoy a family meal at some of the best restaurants in Langkawi.