Cyprus is the world’s third-largest Mediterranean island and is situated in the South of Turkey. The island is well known for its culture and history. It is a great family holiday destination. There are many things to do in Cyprus with your families such as enjoy the ruins, walking through the archeological parks, having fun at water parks, eating the local food, shopping, and much more. An island is a place where the Western culture meets the eastern. This being one of the reasons, apart from its serene landscapes, cyanic waters, and unique wildlife, that it houses a lot of travelers every year.

8 Things To Do In Cyprus For A Captivating Holiday

Cyprus is an island sitting on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the land of love and possesses very enticing views, calm beaches, and the rock of love.

1. Taste The World Famous Meze

Taste The World Famous Meze
Taste The World Famous Meze 

For food lovers, we have something for you here. Cyprus dishes are made from mixed dishes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The most ideal approach to taste the occasional specialties is to taste the world-famous Meze. The cutting edge of Meze is a mixture of 24 different dishes. It starts with a bowl of mixed green salad (Hoariatiki) and then the dinner proceeded with occasional vegetables and some fishes. This is a conventional cuisine on the island and is a traditional food that has evolved through hundreds of years.

Where to Eat: Argofageion (Nicosia), Melis’ Tavernaki (Limassol), To Stenorymi (Nicosia)

Timings: Most of the dine-in places are open from 6 PM to 11 PM, before visiting consult local authorities.

Price: Varies From EUR 12 to EUR 25

2. Capture The Love OF Aphrodite’s Rock

Capture The Love OF Aphrodite’s Rock
Capture The Love OF Aphrodite’s Rock 

Cyprus is known as the land of love because of Aphrodite’s rock. The name comes from Greek mythology, and this place claims to be the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite (it is believed that she emerged from foamy water, here). This is considered a sacred place, to date, and travelers from all over the world come here just to take a glimpse of this land of love. The uncommon name of this place is Petra Tou Romiou. While it is not possible to climb up the rock (also, the sea in the area can be quite rough), there is a beach nearby and a view pavilion that allows you to get the perfect picture of the rock against the backdrop of cyanic waters. There is a restaurant nearby, so you grab a bite to have while watching the azure view.

Location: Petra Tou Romiou, Kouklia, Paphos, Cyprus

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee (if you want to hire a guide then the entry fee may vary according to the size of your group)

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 3-4 hours

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3. Splash Water At Fasouri Water Park

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This water park is considered one of the most popular water parks in Cyprus. Located in Tserkezoi, this park is the hub for tourists and attracts more than a million tourists around the globe in a year. This Park is among the ultimate outdoor activities to do in Cyprus. This Park is awarded (and not once but several times) for the biggest water pool in the whole Middle East. It is a perfect location to spend time with your family or friends.  You can enjoy rides in the park. The Park also has some famous food destinations in the world, near the area. taste the local food have drinks, and have the time of your life.

Location: Trachoni, Limassol, Cyprus

Timings: Opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM

Entry Fee: For adults EUR 29, For kids EUR 16

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 5- 6 hours

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4. Explore The Magnificent Tombs Of The King

Tombs Of The King
Tombs Of The King 

The Tombs of the Kings, despite the name, these tombs were never actually built for the royalty, instead, they were for people of local importance, but were named so because of the beautiful, magnificent, and majestic designs. These tombs ate just a short walk from the coastal path of Paphos. One of the most popular and of course the top things to do in Cyprus is taking in the beauty and tranquility of this place. This mind-boggling piece is also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back over 5000 years. You can actually step inside the tombs and explore them on your own. These tombs were carved out of solid rocks, and there was a belief that the final resting place of the dead should be just as grand as where they once lived and this is what makes this site even more spectacular.

Location: Tombs of the Kings Ave 63, Chloraka, Cyprus

Timings: Opens at 8: 30 AM and closes at 5 PM (from mid-April to mid-September closes at 7: 30 PM)

Entry Fee: EUR 2.50 (may vary according to the group size)

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 1- 2 hours

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5. Discover The Wildlife At The Akamas

Wildlife At The Akamas
Wildlife At The Akamas

Situated towards the northwest of Paphos, the Akas is an ideal place to find several different varieties of local wildlife and local culture. On the southern edge of this place lies the Avakas Gorge and during the night it’s so quiet that the silence is broken just by goat chimes (yes, there are goats!!). This canyon is too steep and there are parts where daylight never enters, yet this rough place is homeland to Maidenhair plants and several others. This is just perfect for all adventure seekers. Visiting this place is itself one of the best adventure activities to do in Cyprus, but that not all, there is a famous beach Karvopetres which allows the visitors to several water sports and others. You can go diving, hiking, surfing and much more.

Location: Neo Chorion, Cyprus

Timings: Open 24 hours (preferable time is 10 AM to 6 PM)

Entry Fee: EUR 19.95

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 7-8 hours

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6. Wander Through Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park
Kato Paphos Archaeological Park 

This archaeological park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is right in the heart of Paphos (this city is itself a world heritage site and is also a center for many other UNESCO World Heritage sites). Visiting this park is just one of the many things to do in Paphos, Cyprus. This park is the most significant historical sight in the city. A step in this park will take to back in time and you will find yourself immersed in Greek mythology as you explore fascinating ruins dating back to prehistoric times.

There isn’t a strong sense of shelter to protect you from the sun so make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and water (we wouldn’t want to faint in Greek mythology now, do we?) The elaborate Roman houses, intricate mosaics, the seashell floor of the House of Dionysus, and a magnificent amphitheater are the main highlights of the park. There are a few airports in Cyprus, and this park is very close to the second largest airport, the Paphos International Airport (hardly a 30 minutes ride).

Location: Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Paphos, Cyprus

Timings: Opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 5 PM

Entry Fee: EUR 4.50

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 2-3 hours

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7. Try The Wines And Beers Of Cyprus

Wines And Beers Of Cyprus
Wines And Beers Of Cyprus

Cyprus is famous for its unique wines and beers. The most famous local beer in the country is Keo. The number of wine stores and beer stores around the nation is huge. Like any other country, Cyprus also has both kinds of liquor, cheap and expensive. The richer and stronger brand you want the more you pay. But don’t you worry, all over the nation, in several bars, there is the wine for everyone. Trying out different wines and beers is, in fact, one of the fun things to do in Cyprus. Some of the most famous wines that you must try while in the country are Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, and Commandaria. All these wines are made of grapes and other ingredients that are only found in Cyprus. But don’t get wasted!

Location: All over the country

Timings: Visitors are advised to consult local authorities

Entry Fee: Vary from bar to bar, tourists have to pay a few extra bucks than locals for branded wines.

Best wines and beers: Ayia Mavri Moshato, Kolios Shiraz, Kolios ‘Persefoni’ Xinisteri, Erimoudes Constantino, and Keo.

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8. Take In The Beauty Of Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque  

To visit and appraise this splendid and serene mosque, you do not need any religious affiliation. Sitting on the banks of the renowned lake, Larnaca Salt Lake, this monument is a hidden oasis. It is surrounded by palm trees in a setting, that is so calming, yet of so much significance to the Muslim community, and this significance has promoted Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque in the list of finest and peaceful places to visit in Cyprus. A visit to this mosque is incomplete without spending some time strolling around the beautiful banks of Salt Lake.

The area is home to lots of wildlife and unique species of birds (visiting during mild winters will let you see some migratory birds and even pink flamingos). The construction of the mosque began in 1760. This mosque is built on the grave of Umm Haram, the aunt of Prophet Mohammed.

Location: Hala Sultan Tekke, Tekke Road, Larnaca, Cyprus

Timings: Opens at 8: 30 AM and closes at 5 PM (closes at 7 PM from mid-April to mid-September)

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Duration Sufficient To Explore: 1-2 hours

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The land of love ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a perfect destination for holiday with family or couples or friends or even if you capture the world alone. From historical monuments and ruins and beautiful beaches to world-famous Meze and wines, the list of things to do in Cyprus will be a long one. Azure water, basking in the sunshine, tranquil beaches, what more do you need for a perfect destination? Cyprus is very well aware of how to amaze everyone who sets foot on its banks. The island is perfect for exploring, adventure, relaxation, or just sitting. So, why are you still waiting? Book your flights to Cyprus today!


Q1. Are there any beaches in Cyprus?

Yes, there are many beaches in Cyprus. Some of the best beaches are Nissi Beach, Konnos Bay, Coral Bay, Blue Lagoon Beach, and Fig Tree Bay.

Q2. How much time to spend in Cyprus?

You can plan your vacation for a span of 1 week to 2 weeks.

Q3. Which is the main airport in Cyprus?

The main airport in Cyprus is Larnaca International Airport.

Q4. Are there any villas in Cyprus?

Yes, there are many villas in Cyprus that offer the best-in-class service and have an amazing view as well. Some of the best villas of Cyprus are: –

  • Secret Oasis Villas – Anemona
  • Villa Prengos
  • Secret Oasis Villas – Violetta
  • Secret Oasis Villas – Violetta

Q5. What is Cyprus most famous for?

Cyprus is a small island with a vast amount of history, serene landscapes, etc., but the island is most famous for Wine, Olive oil, Embroidery, glass and jewelry, Icons and Other religious items.

Q6. What is the best time to visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is in the toasty and nice weather and also the driest one. So, you can plan your trip for the months of May and June.

Q7. What are the best things to do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a wondrous island and caters to many fun activities (site seeing, water parks, water sports, or just sitting on a beach). The best thing to do in Cyprus are: –

  • Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque
  • Enjoying the wine and beer
  • Going to Aphrodite’s Rock
  • Tasting local food
  • Strolling the Tombs of the Kings

Q8. Which are the best places to visit in Cyprus?

Cyprus has many beautiful beaches, human-made wonders, etc., and the whole city is renowned for the status as World Heritage Site. Some of the best places to visit in Cyprus are, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Fasouri Water Park, Larnaca, Nissi Beach, Blue Lagoon Akamas.