Qatar, now has its very own, first of its kind, floating supermarket. Called “Al Meera”, the floating grocery store aims to bring a variety of and snacks for those at the sea. In 2018, Dubai launched the first floating market in the Aran region, which changed the game for many stores around the world, and they finally started thinking beyond land. It was launched by the French-owned chain Carrefour and gave access to those using yachts and boats a fun-filled refreshment time.

Floating Supermarket
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Now, Doha, Qatar is also in the line, with the floating supermarket. This new addition will add a spice of refreshment for sailors and others who are at sea. Anchored near Al Saffliyah Island, the market is set with a vision to be of help to sailors, private boats, yachts, ferries, and others, including the ones who take part in water sports along the coast.

The motto of Al Meera is “dedicated to being a neighborhood in Qatar”. The newly added market outlet makes it over 50 branches in total in Qatar. Even though the concept is new to many, it will still benefit sailors and water lovers. This floating market fills a gap, that many were not even aware of, so book your flights to Qatar now, to see this new wonder.

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