Bangkok is known to be the biggest trading center in Thailand. When it comes to shopping in Bangkok, the city is home to some of the biggest Asian markets, the best handicraft, and an ultimate Thai food that Is too irresistible to miss. The markets here are too vibrant, where you will find a variety of souvenirs to take back home. Offering you thousands of products, and hundreds of markets to buy from, Bangkok is a paradise for shoppers around the globe. Ditching the malls and expensive shopping complexes, let’s take a tour of local shopping markets you must visit in Bangkok.

Shopping thrills every soul, especially when you are on a vacation. Even if you are not planning on buying anything, a tour of the market is a must. Local markets are the best to observe the lifestyle, culture, and art of any place. Be it some handcraft or the local food, markets in Bangkok will be offering you an experience that is worth remembering. Here are the top markets that will sedate your shopaholic soul.

1. Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market

Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market

One of the largest Bangkok Shopping Market, the Pak Khlong Talat, is a treat to your mind and eye. This flower market is located on Chak Phet street that is easily connected to other places with the BTS station. In the 17s and 18’s the market used to be a floating market that was later changed to a fish market, and today it is known for its refreshing beauty.

While you might find nothing to shop here, but the incredible beauty of the market is something that draws every tourist.  The fragrance of those exotic flowers and the rare varieties at the shops in Bangkok, which you might not have seen ever, will leave you all mesmerized. The market is open all day, and it is best to plan a trip during the morning. You could see boats, all loaded with some vibrant bouquet that not only appeals to the eye, but the aroma is too fascinating and striking to leave you mesmerized.

Location: 116 Chakphet Rd, Khwaeng Wang Burapha Phirom, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

2. Talat Rot Fai or The Train Night Market

Talat Rot Fai or The Train Night Market

Not only for some best shopping in Bangkok but to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand, train night markets are the most preferred spots. Don’t confuse with the name as the market have nothing to do with trains at the present time. But earlier, these markets were set up on old railway tracks, giving them the name- train markets. It was the old train tracks and the train wagon that gave this market a name, today, despite being in a completely different location with a completely different vibe, it is still popular as a train night market in Bangkok.

Today there are two Talat Rot Fai markets in Bangkok where you can shop some antiques, affordable accessories, and more. It was due to its popularity amongst the tourists and the locals that this market managed to survive even after relocation.

You can either visit the Talat Rot Fai Market Ratchada or Talat Rot Fai Srinakarin.

  • Location: Srinakarin Road Soi 51
    Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday: 5:00 pm to 01:00 am
  • Location: Ratcadaphisek Road
    Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday: 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

3. Neon Night Market

Neon Night Market

A recent addition to the market list for best Bangkok shopping, the neon night market is located in the downtown Pratunam region. The market was opened in December 2016. Adding to its popularity, the platinum fashion mall and Center world,the popular shopping malls in Bangkok are just at walking distance from the market that you may visit later.

From your affordable accessories to some delighting Thai food, the night market has everything you need to satisfy your lust to shop. Handicrafts, jewelry, antiques, and the lively aura of the market make it a hub for every visitor.

The best markets for shopping in Bangkok not only display colorful décor but are exhibiting the best of their art and culture.

You can easily spot plastic kick-knacks and crafty gifts, Thai clothes and so more that you can take back home.

Location: Phetchaburi Road Sois 23 – 29

Opening Hours: Every night: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am

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4. ArtBox Night Market

ArtBox Night Market

If you are looking for some fun places to visit in Bangkok, ArtBox Night Market is surely the best attraction you can visit while you are on a vacation. Now, ArtBox is among those shopping places in Bangkok that are not steady as they are organized at one place, and later within a month, they move to another place. With its cool Hipster vibe and, art shops and crafty stalls, and more, ArtBox Night Market is focusing over to offer the local vendors a platform.

Adding more fun to your experience, you can enjoy the musical beats or live shows organized by the artists. There are cool stalls, bars, Kinkos, some light shows and so much to make the evening, a memory. Taste the local beer and try some traditional food that is made in an authentic style.

Location: The market location is not fixed, therefore, you can refer to any local or guide while you are visiting the ArtBox Night Market in Bangkok.

Opening Hours: Every day: 4:00 pm to midnight

A small gift from your favorite holiday destination is a lifetime memory for all. No matter where you are going, souvenirs have always been the best part of your holiday. While you are in Bangkok, the most popular attraction in Thailand, you will find a number of crafty and attractive items you can take back for your family, friends, and your home.

1. Soaps, Spa and Cosmetics Products

Soaps, Spa and Cosmetics Products

Bangkok is known for its variety of attractive soap collections and skincare products. When it comes to picking from the best things to buy in Bangkok, these multicolored soaps in different shapes are something you can choose. Available at almost every local shopping place in Thailand, these soaps are loved by every tourist.

Bangkok has the best collection of Asian cosmetic items available for everyone. From Thai spa products to a wide range of Japanese and Korean cosmetics, you can now make your own skincare kit. Well, some products might be quite expensive but worth a try for your skin benefit.

Where to Buy: Chatuchak Market

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2. Thai Silk and Clothes

Thai Silk and Clothes

A lavish silk drape or some trendy Thai fashion apparels are something you will find in every Bangkok store. Add a market tour to your list of activities in Bangkok and explore every corner of the city where the best Thai clothes are sold. Add Muay Thai shorts, silk curtains, suits and the branded outfits, Bangkok is the fashion capital in Thailand.

If you are looking for high-quality silk or a traditional outfit designed by the local artist, you can head out to any of the nearby markets or Jim Thompson house that is known for the best quality silk in the city. The capital city of Thailand has many fashion streets where you can buy silk in any desired colour and prints.

Where to Buy: Palladium Night Market, Siam Centre

3. Ceramic and Pottery

Ceramic and Pottery

Bone china cutlery has never been out of fashion. When it comes to digging out something special for your home, there are many Bangkok shopping markets where you can buy your kitchen accessories. Head to any art and craft market like the ArtBox Night Market and buy ceramic products like Celadon, stoneware, white pottery, blue pottery, stones, Thai ceramics, and so more. While shopping is one of the best things to do in Thailand, Ceramic and Pottery is the best thing for you to buy.

You can grab some home décor items or accessories to enhance your dining table. The attractive designs and complementary shapes of these potteries will make your home interior attractive than ever. Where to Buy: Chatuchak Market, Siamraj Market, Baan Celadon

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4. Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags

Handmade bags, hangings, and embodied décors, there are many shops in Bangkok that are selling some attractive and handmade décor items. Suiting your style and lifestyle, there are handmade bags made from cloth, leather, or jute that makes a perfect souvenir.

Stroll around the markets to look for the best bags and cap collections in Bangkok. There are Duffel bags, sling bags, back slung, handbags, and luggage bags easily available at the best price. Not compromising on the color, shapes, and design, you can get the best handmade bags for the best shopping market in Bangkok. And if you need some quality brand, head out to any of the malls in Thailand featuring an unmatchable quality.

Where to Buy: Klong Thom Market, Street Stalls, Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok is the most loved destination when it comes to shopping. Being a hub for travelers, this city in Thailand is not only rich in culture but has the best markets and malls. From the old traditional market places to the flea markets and night markets, shopping in Bangkok is one of the best experiences you can have. From buying the best souvenir to handicraft, tasting the local food, and enjoying the nightlife, there is a lot you can enjoy at the best marketplaces in Bangkok. So, pack an extra bag, book your Bangkok flights and get ready for a never-ending shopping experience.


Q1. What are the best nightlife experiences in Bangkok?

To enjoy the best nightlife in Bangkok, you can visit the night markets to shop for the best. Night markets are the major attraction where you will find many food stalls, live music events, and accessories to shop.

Q2. What are the best shopping markets in Bangkok?

The best markets you can visit for shopping in Bangkok are:

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • ArtBox Night Market
  • Neon Night Market
  • Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market
  • The Train Night Market

Q3. What are the best things to buy in Bangkok?

There are many things you can buy in Bangkok as your vacation gift like:

  • Handmade Bags
  • Fruit Soaps
  • Cosmetic and Spa Products
  • Silk
  • Home Decors

Q4. Where is ArtBox Night Market?

The ArtBox Night Market is organized at different locations. The market is held for 30 days and then it is relocated to a different location.

Q5. What can I buy at Train Night Market?

The Train Night Market has the best collection of antiques, affordable accessories, and more. The night market is one of the best shopping places in Bangkok that you must visit.

Q6. Which is the largest market in Bangkok?

The Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market is the largest in Bangkok. The market is known for its fresh variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Q7. Where can I get the best ceramic and home décor in Bangkok?

There are many Bangkok shopping markets that are selling quality home décor and ceramic accessories. Chatuchak Market, Siamraj Market, and Baan Celadon are the best places where you can find attractive ceramic items.

Q8. What are the top food markets in Bangkok?

The top food markets in Bangkok are:

  • On Nut Night Market
  • Khao San Street
  • ArtBox Night Market
  • Neon Night Market