Qatari ministry of public health gave a statement, saying, “All arrivals from these countries must undergo (10) days mandatory quarantine in a dedicated quarantine facility, or (14) days if quarantined at Mekhaines facility”. Home quarantine criteria is not applicable for travelers, they must isolate in the dedicated zones only.  The country has imposed new hotel laws as well. On arrival, travelers from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines have to undergo quarantine regardless of the fact, that they are vaccinated, or traveled through direct flight.

According to the ministry of public health of Qatar, these laws are a result of, a new strain that is currently spreading in India. Those who have original flights from these countries must take the COVID-19 PCR test done 48 hours before their arrival and also within a day of arrival in Qatar. No one can board the flights without a verified negative PCR report. Travelers taking flights to Qatar from six countries must abide by all the laws that the country has imposed, including the new ones. The ministry claims that these measures are just a safety precaution, for travelers as well the country. There is no exception for any traveler. These laws are effective as of April 29, 2021, Thursday.

Ministry of public health also affirmed that the situation is being monitored closely, and everything is done for the health of everyone and in order to preserve safety for all.

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