Sitting in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands. It is on the east coast of Africa. Airports in Seychelles, the list is not very long, with only one International one, the rest all are for inter-island transportation. It is a beautiful country, with gorgeous and untouched beaches. You might have seen Seychelles in many movies. It is a paradise for every traveler and especially the people who are big on nature, beaches, and the sea. Full of natural attractions and exotic and perfect wildlife, this is an interesting place to go on your to-do list.

Listed below are the airports in Seychelles that are of utmost importance. You take a virtual tour to the airports and plan the best vacation for yourself. A divine, heavenly, and dreamy destination, that words often feel less descriptive against the beauty of Seychelles.

Airports In Seychelles: 6 Airports Of The Country

Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands and is a paradise with deep blue waters teeming with sea life and gorgeous, unspoiled shores.

1. Seychelles International Airport

Seychelles International Airport

The largest and biggest airport in Seychelles, and is located on the eastern part of the largest island of the country, Mahe island (amongst the best tourist attractions in Seychelles). It’s is just 11 km away from the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria. The Seychelles International Airport is the only international airport of the archipelago and it operates passenger and cargo flights. Also, it serves as a base for the Seychelles Public Defense Force. It has three terminals – an international, a domestic, and a cargo.

The arrivals and departures are very easy and tourist friendly. The airport receives many flights from all over the world including, Paris, London, Mumbai, and Dubai. Seychelles International Airport is well connected with the island, especially by two means, that are, public buses and taxis. Being the only international airport, it offers various facilities and services for its tourists. This airport is very different from the other of Seychelles. It serves around 730000 passengers annually.

Location: Victoria Seychelles Airport, Seychelles

Airport Code: SEZ


  • Free wi-fi
  • ATMs
  • Forex counter
  • Medical services
  • Restaurants
  • Duty-free shops

2. Bird Island Airport

Bird Island Airport

This is a private strip airport situated in the Birds Island, the island has some very exclusive and exquisite beaches in Seychelles. Bird Island Airport lies at a distance of around 100 km Northwest of Victoria and it is operated by Bird Island Lodge. There is only one charter flight service to Mahe. If you want a charter to any other island or a helicopter for the same, the management authority can make the arrangements for you but only on request.

You can fly where you want to from this airport, in Seychelles, as long as you are willing to spend a handsome amount of money because the requested charter planes are expensive. So, it is up to you whether you a charter flight or any other means but, you should give this island a visit, that is for sure.

Location: Bird Island, Seychelles

Airport Code: BDI


  • Pre Paid Taxi Booth
  • Baggage Wrapping
  • Gift Shop.

3. Fregate Island Airport

Fregate Island Airport
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Just another private airstrip airport. Fregate Island airport is one of the smaller airports and consists of only one runway. It located about 55 km from the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria. Due to its proximity to the main city, you might think that it is operated by some big authority, but let me tell you, no, it is operated by the Fregate Island Resort. Oh! And the runway here is not paved! So, it is certainly not like other airports, but that doesn’t define that it is not worth it. The resort provides flights from and to Mahe only, but there are charter plane services operated by Air Seychelles here, so you can use that to travel elsewhere in the country.

Location: Fregate Island Helipad, Seychelles

Airport Code: FRK

Facilities: No facilities

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4. Denis Island Airport

Denis Island Airport
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Yet another private airstrip sitting on the Denis Island, Seychelles. It is about 94 km away from the capital city. You can book helicopters or charters when required, just ask the authorities, these are operated by Air Seychelles. Apart from this, there is a single scheduled flight, every day between Denis and Mahe, for making the journey of passengers between these two islands easier. Denis Island Airport has a single unpaved runway. It’s is also a small airport on another of the luxurious islands of Seychelles. Being a small one, it does not have any plush facilities, as you might find in Mahe and Praslin airports. The islands are worth a visit and this airport is the easiest way to reach Denis Island, might as well use it.

Location: Denis Island Airport, Seychelles

Airport Code: DEI

Facilities: Small airport and does not have many facilities.

5. Alphonse Airport

Alphonse Airport
Image is for reference purpose only

Located on Alphonse Island, it is a small airport. The distance from the Alphonse Airport to Mahe is about 500 km and it has a single runway. The airport was built for inter-island connections only, and thus has charter plane service only. If you plan your visit from October to April you can also find a scheduled charter flight from Seychelles International Airport, operated by Air Seychelles. Also, the flights from Mahe are scheduled weekly.

As it is a small airport, so it does not have many facilities, like the ones in Praslin or Victoria Seychelles Airport. Though it is small, it is of significant importance to the island, because it is the only one on it, the average number of flights it gets annually is quite low. Alphonse group of atolls is considered one of the most pristine, untouched Edens of the world, making it a nature lover’s paradise and is considered one of the best places to visit in October or July. So, now that you are tempted to visit Alphonse Island you must as well use this airport.

Location: Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles

Airport Code: FSAL

Facilities: A small domestic airport, no big facilities.

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6. Praslin Island Airport

Praslin Island Airport

Praslin Island Airport is the second largest airport in Seychelles and caters to around 200000 passengers annually. This airport is operated by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and has only one terminal. As it is the second most important airport in the country, it offers various facilities for its tourists like restaurants, bars, and kiosks, although they are not as great as those in Mahe Seychelles airport. Praslin airport is very connected to the overall island by two means – public buses and taxis.

The buses charge the same uniform for every destination on the island whereas the taxi rates vary depending upon the destination. Most of the flights here are of Seychelles international airways or Air Seychelles, with scheduled flights and charter planes to various other islands. Praslin Island is one of the most prominent and pristine islands in Seychelles, and this airport makes your journey to the island a lot easier.

Location: Grand Anse, Praslin, Seychelles

Airport Code: PRI


  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Kiosks for renting cars
  • Taxi ramp
  • Some shops.

The above listed are of more importance and prominence. There are some other small airports in Seychelles like Remire Island Airport, Platte Island Airport, Marie Louise Island Airport, Farquhar Island Airport, Astove Island Airport, Coetivy Island Airport, and D’Arros Island Airport. Most of these have single paved and unpaved runways and are private airstrips. These are only made for the inter-island connection. The majority of these airports are operated by Islands Development Corporation (IDC) and have charter planes operated by Air Seychelles for transportation between the other island and the main airport of Seychelles, the Seychelles International Airport. Whatsoever the count of airports be Seychelles is one heck of archipelago, that you should not miss.

Seychelles Airports, with the majority of domestic ones and only one international, Seychelles still tops the lists for most desired places to visit. With its gorgeous and tranquil beaches and other interesting activities that it offers, Seychelles is a hella beautiful, attractive, and adventurous place. There is no reason for you to not visit it once. See the glory of the archipelago, book your flights to Seychelles today, and get an ideal getaway, where you can relieve all your stress, worry, and anxiety.


Q1. How many airports are there in Seychelles?

There are six airports in Seychelles, but only one is international and rest are domestic ones. Seychelles International Airport is the one used by travelers. The domestic airports are: –

  • Praslin Island Airport
  • Bird Island Airport
  • Denis Island Airport.
  • Assumption Island Airport
  • Fregate International Airport

Q2. Which is the main airport in Seychelles?

The main and international airport in Seychelles is Seychelles International Airport.

Q3. How far is the main city from the airport?

Seychelles International airport is located in the Mahe islands, at a distance of about 11 km from the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria.

Q4. What are the best places to visit in Seychelles?

Seychelles is full of stunning and alluring places. The best places to visit in the country are: –

  • Mahe Island
  • Eden Island
  • Praslin Island
  • Anse Intendance
  • Bird Island
  • La Digue
  • Aldabra Atoll

Q5. What are the facilities at the Seychelles International airport?

Being the only international airport in the country, it offers various services and facilities for its visitors, such as: –

  • Free Wi-fi
  • ATMs
  • Forex Counter
  • Medical Services
  • Restaurants
  • Some Duty-free Shops Selling Various Items

Q6. Is it safe to travel to Seychelles in Covid?

Yes, as of 14th January 2021, Thursday, it is safe to travel to Seychelles now. Although you must carry some valid vaccination certificate with a minimum of two weeks since its administration of the second dose, as well as a negative COVID-19 RTPCR test certificate.

Q7. What are the main airlines that fly to Seychelles Airport?

The main airlines that fly to Seychelles are: –

  • Air Seychelles
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines

Q8. Can I shop at the airports?

Yes, you can shop at the airports. There are many shops, even duty-free shops, selling various items that let you splurge on yourself or carry souvenirs back home. If you get tired of shopping, you can dine in at the airports, the eateries there sell some lip-smacking cuisines.